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Weekend Mobility: Day 19

We hope that you are getting in your daily mobility, along with the workouts! Like we mentioned before, this is a great time to relieve stress while working on mobility and flexibility to help us improve other movements.

*Try to concentrate on breathing, getting in 20-30 controlled breaths for each movement.

Cross-shin & Reach: Alternate leg in front, reach. You should feel this more in the leg that is in the front from knee to hip (IT band).

90/90: Slow and controlled, alternate knees and hips at 90 degree angle to release tension at the hips.

Lunge to Twisted Hip Opener: Forward lunge pose, take hold of the opposite foot.

Child's Pose/No Hands: Butt on heals with arms outstretched. Attempt to bring hands behind head for further stretch.

Wall Circles: Stretch in the shoulders and pecs. Try to maintain a deep squat, close to the wall.

Wall Candle/Squat/Butterfly: Try to keep your butt close to the wall.

Cobra: Stretching abs. Knees and upper surface of feet in contact with wall, pelvis in contact with the ground, extend arms to open torso.

Trap Stretch: Stretching at the neck. Pull arm to ground, slightly bend head to opposite side.

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