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Weekend Mobility: Day 12

Stretching is essential, especially right now when most of us are stuck inside all day. We need to maintain our flexibility or use this time to improve! It’s also a stress reliever! Try to spend :30 to 1 minute in each pose. Instead of using a clock, try to focus on your breathing. Take 20-30 concentrated breaths for each pose... make sure you do both sides!

Runner’s Lunge/Dragon: Focus on your hip flexors, drive your pelvis forward.

Quad stretch: Have something handy to help with balance here. Put something under your knee if needed, it should not hurt your knee!

Half Split: Try to sit back and feel this one in your hamstrings!

Glutes/IT band stretch: Feeling any tightness in your knees? This should help. You don’t realize how tight your hips and IT band get, causing knee pain.

Supine twist and Thread the needle: Back and shoulders!

Sphinx to Seal to Cobra: Stomach and back

Butterfly: Try to push down your knees, then extend forward and reach.

Shoulder internal rotation: The goal is to touch your hands behind your back. If you can’t, use a towel or band to work your hands closer together.

Floor wrist flexion and extension: Spread your fingers wide with hands flat on ground, rock back and forth.

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