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Home Workout: Day 3 (3.19)

We LOVE seeing you all work out with your kids, spouses, and partners!

Keep sharing pictures and videos!

*Don't forget to check-in on people you see in class... hold each other accountable!


2 Rounds

:30 High knees

:30 Butt kicks

10 Cossack squats

10 Push-ups

10 Sit-ups

10 Hip Raises

"Quarantine Outside!!"

5 Rounds

400 m run

10 ground to overhead (any object/piece of equipment)

15 burpees

20 box jumps

25 air squats

"Get Diced" 🎲

10 min EMOM (every minute on the minute)

Even: 30 second hollow body hold

Odd: 30 second superman hold

Mobility/Cool Down

:30-1:00 each




Hands behind back

Prone Twist

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