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Home Workout: Day 16 (4/1)


3 Rounds

200m jog/walk

200m run

:30 plank

2 Sets: 8 Minute AMRAP

(as many rounds as possible)

*Rest 2 minutes between sets

2-Goblet reverse lunge

2-Toe touch

*increase by 2 reps each round

Wall sit Wednesday!

4 Sets

:30 wall sit (weighted)

:30 Max air squat

1:00 wall sit


  1. Bottom of the squat with full rotation: Stretch in the hips, thorax, shoulder. In a deep squat, rotate torso, chest pushed out with arms outstretched.

  2. Seated piriformis stretch: Glutes and lower back. Crossed leg, flat foot. Knee pulled to opposite shoulder with back straight.

  3. Half butterfly forward fold

  4. Self hug

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